Get all 1000+ SwingThing shows for one low price!

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for iTunes & Broadcasters (two complete libraries)



  • Listening to Swing Thing when out on a walk
  • Or, in your car
  • Or, on the road
  • IMAGINE giving away shows you've burned to disk as gifts for your friends and family.
    • That's right!
    You're wondering why I want you to give this away?
    It's because my only real goal here is to spread my father's love of Big Bands, Swing and Dixiland 'far and wide.
    Hopefully (one day when I'm gone) his show will take on a life of it's own.

With either of the libraries

  • Listen to Swing Thing without an internet connection!
  • Search for and play Swing Thing on your computer right from within iTunes.
  • Transfer shows directly to an iPhone, iPad, iPod, another computer or iPod touch - and take Swing Thing with you wherever you go.
  • Burn Swing Thing shows to an audio CD.

These libraries are yours to keep and share with others.

The difference between the two libraries..

SwingThing for iTunes

is organized into folders

according to type

& artist..

This is the native format traditionally used by iTunes.

SwingThing for Broadcasters

is organized into folders

by show number..

We organized the shows this way because it's easier to find show files 'when scheduling them for broadcast.


    • All the shows are broadcast ready..
      • Several promos are provided so you can promote the show to your listeners.
      • And we include a Show Opener/Closer.

    Also included

    Our SEARCHnPLAY Apps for Mac and PC

    Use the app to:

      • manage broadcast schedules
      • search for shows by title, artist, guest, etc.
      • print covers & playlists

All this is shipped on a small 250GB portable USB hard drive.


    • $89.95 + S&H.
    • Each library requires about 60GB of hard disk space, but you'll only need one of them (SwingThing for iTunes).
      The Broadcaster library is extra.
    • Both libraries are iTunes-compatible - every show segment file has embedded meta data that iTunes uses to associate them with the shows they belong to.

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