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The SEARCHnPLAY App gives an error when I try installing it on MAC OS 10.14 (Mojave) and above.

The SEARCHnPLAY app was created using Filemaker (which is owned by Apple).

Apple apparently decided not to continue supporting the stand-alone (Filemaker “runtime”) technology ‘that we have used for many years.
Thousands of these Filemaker runtimes ‘created by many hundreds of developers over the years’ are now being adversely affected by this decision.

This will also affect any MAC users that have upgraded to Mojave (MAC OS 10.14).
Which means that if you are using Mojave, or above (on a MAC), you will get an error when attempting to install the SEARCHnPLAY app. This error prevents you for installing it on these MAC computers.
We are looking for a work-around; however, I am afraid we will eventually need to find a replacement technology, and will have to do a complete rewrite of the SEARCHnPLAY application. This is a massive undertaking. However, I have started looking into it.

This does not mean that The Swing Singles library is itself broken.
Only the SEARCHnPLAY app, which can be used as a convenient way to use the Swing Thing Single shows for listening or previewing within the app itself is affected. The shows themselves are simple mp3 files, and can still be played using any mp3 compatible player on Mac and PCs, as well as on all mobile devices.

If you are on a PC, or using MAC OS 10.13 (High Sierra) or below, you will not see this issue – for now.
However, since Filemake/Apple have decided to “depreciate” this Filemaker Runtime technology, the only solution in the future will be to replace it with a new SEARCHnPLAY tool – I am now considering the possible ways we might do this.
I am leaning heavily toward creating a web-based replacement.

Why two versions of the SwingThing library?

The iTunes version was the first SwingThing library we created. It was our primary goal to format and organize shows as if each was it’s own “album” ‘made up of tracks.

That’s the way iTunes does it.

Later, we decided to create another identical SwingThing library specifically organized for broadcasters. We reorganized the show folder structure incorporating show ID numbers.
Broadcasters use the SEARCHnPLAY app to pick shows for upcoming broadcasts. Stations will often generate a list of show numbers for scheduling broadcast on any given day.

Both libraries are otherwise identical.

Why are all the shows split into multiple files?

This was the way Fred wanted it..
When Broadcasters need to insert commercials, it’s easier to know in advance how many segments are in a show, and the length of each segment.

Originally, the shows were recorded on reel-to-reel tape.
The “Board-Operator” at a radio station would have a playlist of all the songs (and/or interview segments) in a show to be broadcast.
They would need to stand by and listen, to hear when Fred would give his signature queue, where he would say some variation of the phrase
“..On Swing Thing!”. Fred would then pause for a beat or two, before continuing on with the show
– this would queue the operator to hit the pause button on the reel-to-reel deck, so they could insert any commercials before continuing.

Later, when automation systems began to make an appearance in many radio stations, this forced program directors at stations to have to pre-load the shows on to their automation systems ahead of broadcast. This was a supreme nuisance (to say the least). It was at this time that I (Fred’s son Tim) decided it was time to digitally re-encode all the shows – broken up into separate segments.
It took us a little over a year to do this for the entire library.

Incidentally..  I tunes treats each show segment like a song track.
i.e., where a show is considered by iTunes as a single album.

How can I add the SwingThing Stream on my own site?


  • Here’s some HTML you can add to your site – then tweak the embedded CSS as needed to match your site’s look-n-feel..
    • To Insert code in page:
      •  The following link will give you a zipped simple unformatted text snippet you can  unzip and open in any text editor. Then  copy and paste the code into a page on your website.
        • Insert-code snippet. (download zip file)
          • Snippet with <style> and <javascript> to display the player and “now playing” section.
          • SCREENSHOT

How long are the shows?

Each of the Swing Thing Shows are 47-48 minutes long.

For broadcasters looking to fill an entire hour WITHOUT ADDING SPOTS – I suggest searching for shows marked as fillers.
You can then fill the remaining 12 to 13 minutes using any of those shows.

If using our new web-based Search, you can find them here..

And if using the original SEARCHnPLAY App..


Once the main show concludes, start the Filler show to fill the remaining time.

Who wrote and performed the Swing Thing Theme Song?

The Swing Thing Theme Song was written and performed by the Pat Longo, and performed by his band.

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